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Staff & Board

Our Staff:

  • Eric M. Newton

    Eric M. Newton

    President / CEO

  • Douglas D. Weiland

    Douglas D. Weiland

    Vice President

  • Amy Madson - Loan Administrator

    Amy Madson

    Loan Officer

  • Jane L. Swenson

    Jane L. Swenson

    Asst. Vice President, Cashier & Trust Officer, & Board Secretary

  • Linda K. Hesley

    Linda K. Hesley

    Asst. Vice President, Operations Officer

  • Amber Hildman, Loan Adminstrator

    Amber Hildman

    Loan Administrator

  • Susan Dietrich - Head Teller

    Susan Dietrich

    Head Teller

  • Brandi Hadacek -Customer Service

    Brandi Hadacek

    Customer Service & Bookkeeping

  • Laureen Burgardt - Manager-Agent of Britt Woden Insurance

    Laureen Burgardt

    Britt-Woden Ins. Agency Manager

  • Nicole

    Nicole Lampe

    Customer Service & Bookkeeping

  • Betsy

    Betsy Hunt

    Customer Service & Agent for Britt-Woden Insurance

  • Marcia Newton

    Marsha Newton

    Woden Customer Service

  • Jordan Savoy

    Jordan Savoy

    Loan Officer


  • Mark J. Sexton, Chairman of the Board
  • Eric M. Newton, President/Director
  • Brian D. Mino, Director
  • Paul L. Smith, Director
  • Andrew G. Sexton, Director
  • Jane L. Swenson, Board Secretary

Homebuyer Grants

First State Bank is pleased to announce that we once again have housing grants available for down payment or closing costs assistance.  Inquire with either Amy Madson or Doug Weiland for eligibility. 

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